/‘Hearthstone’ The Dalaran Heist Release Time: When Can You Try Rise of Shadows Solo Adventure

‘Hearthstone’ The Dalaran Heist Release Time: When Can You Try Rise of Shadows Solo Adventure

The latest Solo Adventure for Hearthstone’s Rise of Shadows expansion , The Dalaran Heist , is finally making it into Blizzard’s card game. The addition is the most robust single-player content the game has ever had, with a progression system, rewards and a unique way to build a deck. Start with one of nine lackeys (one from each class) and work your way into conquering the five different wings of Dalaran. Players start out with a single playable Mage Lackey, Rackinishu, who you might remember as the fire spirit inside of King Togwaggle’s hat.

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Bartender Bob in The Dalaran Heist Blizzard

When the expansion launches, the first wing, Dalaran Bank, will be available for free with the second wing, The Violet Hold, available for purchase for $6.99 or 700 gold. The last three wings will be available in the coming weeks. Each wing has its own unique gimmick, like sleeping minions or swapped stats, adding a level of challenge on top of the already content-filled mode.  

The Dalaran Heist Release Time and Date   

The Dalaran Heist will launch on May 16 between 1 and 2 p.m. EST. Though Blizzard has not announced the official time of the Heist, Hearthstone’s updates and patches usually appear around the same time. The prediction can be off if the developer’s discover game-breaking bugs or other issues and need to delay the patch, but that is a rare occurrence.  

At a special event near Blizzard campus in April and I am so excited to finally get to play The Dalaran Heist on my own account. For two hours, I climbed with as many Lackeys as I could, clearing bosses like they were made of paper. Actually drafting cards using Bartender Bob feels rewarding while also forcing you to strategize with luck. This isn’t a gimmick like Rumble Run or Monster Hunt, this is a fully fledged game-mode that will keep you playing for hours.

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